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    Best Homeopathy Clinic in UAE Sharjah

Is there any research in Homoeopathy?

Yes, there is all over India there are 50 institutions doing research work in Homoeopathy. In Kerala under the central government, a research institute is active at Kurichy,  Kottayam. Here they are conducting research in epilepsy, asthma, skin disease and mental diseases, moreover  in Moolamattam at Idukki district, a tribal research centre is working under the central government. In Mumbai and Chennai, they are doing research work on HIV positive cases.

In Homoeopathy, consultation is lengthy, why?

In Homoeopathy, we are treating the patient, not the disease, the disease is inside the man, so when we treat the whole man and make change in man, the disease inside the man will also get cured. To treat the person as a whole we have to take the physical, mental, social and even spiritual attitude of the person concerned. To analysis the man at their level will take a long time especially in chronic diseases.

Self treatment with Homoeopathy: Is it ideal?

There are two types of diseases: Acute and Chronic. In Chronic diseases we are using very acting medicines. Hence using medicines by self or by a person not qualified in Homoeopathy is injurious to health.

– Self use of medicines without consulting a doctor is always injurious to health.

How long will it take to cure a case in Homoeopathy?

Acute diseases are diseases which have a short duration it will get cured with acute medicines very quickly, but Chronic diseases are diseases which have a prolonged course. Such case require more time, ranging from month or years.

What are the rules and regulations while taking Homoeopathic medicines?

– Do not take Homoeopathic medicines along with food at least there should be a gap of half an hour between food and medicine.

– Homoeopathic medicines should be dissolved in mouth, no need of water intake while taking medicines.

For infants the medicine should be given in sterile water

Do not keep medicines with substance having strong odour

You should obey the instructions of the doctor

Can a person take Homoeopathy medicines along with Allopathic medicines?

It is better to take Homoeopathic medicines only, but in certain cases, when the patient is under medication, we allow the use of allopathic medicines along with Homoeopathic medicines to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Is there any side effects with Homoeopathic medicines?

So far no side effects reported with Homoeopathic medicines.

Can a person with diabetes, take sweet tablet of Homoeopathy?

In Homoeopathy we give sweet tablets in very small quantity, so it will not affect the body, and for diabetic patients we give sweet less sugar of milk tablets to overcome the patient apprehension.

Role of Homoeopathy in Surgical diseases?

In purely surgical disease, we refer the Patient to the surgeon. In pre surgical cases, treating with Homoeopathic medicines, we may able to avoid a surgery, and in post surgical cases, the post operative complications can be managed by Homoeopathic medicines.